23-May-2018Fullerton, CA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a cheap (or free) gas lawn mower, working or not. My gardener quit on us, and I need to cut the grass.
23-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Im practicing for simultaneous translation English to Spanish- I need to isolate myself from external sounds to concentrate properly.
23-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
I need lemons! Anyone have a lemon tree that has more lemons than you can use?
23-May-2018South Pasadena, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
I am searching for gas fireplace logs. I'm happy to come get them at your place. Thanks everyone!
23-May-2018Long Beach, CA(6 miles)Items Wanted
If anyone has any items such as cereal,milk and oatmeal they can spare please email me. Thanx
23-May-2018Burbank, CA(20 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for gas fireplace logs and am happy to pick them up from your place.
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If you have an extra cloth for a small puppy or a medical collar and no longer need it, I'd like to pick it up. Thank you!
22-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Wondering if anyone has a yoga mat and/or stretch bands they don t want. Trying to get healthy!
21-May-2018West Hollywood, CA(20 miles)Items Wanted
small size
21-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! Anybody with some milk kefir grains they can spare? Thanks!
21-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
If you have any luau party decorations you could donate to our 8th grade celebration, it will be greatly appreciated. :)
21-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
small size is needed
21-May-2018Redondo Beach, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for large pieces of flattened cardboard, with minimal amounts of tape/plastic. These will be used in a garden along with mulch to suppress weeds. Perhaps you work at a warehouse or food service and have access to deconstructed cardboard? Or maybe you can share tips on where I might find it? Any tips will help! Thanks!
21-May-2018Sherman Oaks, CA(23 miles)Items Wanted
If you have medium to large boxes I could use for packing May 21-27 I could use some. Thank you!
21-May-2018Torrance, CA(12 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a guinea pig play yard or extra large cage.
21-May-2018Long Beach, CA(6 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, If there is anyone with a spare good working bike they can offer me I would appreciate it! It will help me commute back and forth to college and work. My other bike was stolen. Please e-mail me!!
21-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, all. I know a lot of people still subscribe to the Sunday paper that has the coupons, yet don't use the coupons so I'm hoping that instead of throwing these away that I could pick them up once a week or so? Only if you normally toss them or recycle them, though. Thank you!
20-May-2018West Hollywood, CA(20 miles)Items Wanted
I would like to get luau party decorations for our Middle School 8th grade celebration.
20-May-2018South Pasadena, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
My girls are getting into the Harry Potter series. We ve been checking them out at the library but they want to reread them. Anyone done with their copies? Much appreciated! Thanks!
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