Collectible Coins and Stamps for Sale in Paramount, CA

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Antique Coin Counter In Good Condition 3535 San Gabriel River Parkway Industry, CA 90601 (562) 646-7653 Cross of San Gabriel River Parkway x Rose Hills Road .
vintage clown made in Mexico porcellino blue stamp six and a half inches tall
Golden replicas US stamps in 22kt gold. Each stamp is a U.S commemorative. Have two complete albums app. 150 22kt gold stamps. Great gift.The stamp are from around the world. A must for collector or great for a investment. Each stamp is original with a 22k gold replicate. The value is also in the gold. Also comes with a certificate.A must for sta .
Complete set of all 50 state quarters $12.50 face value very good condition sacrifice $15 OBO Downey area (562) 745-4652 .
Ralph Lawler day Commemorative Coin in perfect condition $15 or best reasonable offer !!! A Clippers fan must have item !!! "oh me oh my oh" "BINGO" !!! For $15 you can own a little piece of clipper history !!!
US stamps from 1990 and up, new and foreign, 8 packages, $80 .
COPPER coins and bar, 1 oz each, brand new, different designs, $5 ea or 3 for $10 .
1955 DOUBLE dye penny, graded MS62, by NGC, many other other error coins; Walt Disney, double dye, $5-$2400 .
DISNEY coins, 1 oz. silver, characters, and air coins 1, 5 and $0.25 with wheat backs $$0.2 to $1000 .
Africa - -cent Argentina -centavos -centavos -centavos . Austria -Heller -Heller -Heller - Heller - Groschen - Heller - Groschen - groschen - Groschen - Groschen - Schilling.- Groschen Belgium- Franc () - Centimes - Centimes - Centimes Britian-Farthing - Cents Bulgaria - Ctotnhkn- Ctotnhkn Bermuda-cent Columbia-V Centavos --II centavos Cuba-- Centavos Denmark- Skilling - re Dominican Republic- ...
I have these colored quarters for sale. They are from the statehood collection. Asking for themCall or email me for info Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
I have the following German coins for sale dated from to . All in circulation condition. German Empire Deutsches Reich Pfennig Mint mark A German Empire Mark Mint mark A Crowned Imperial Eagle Pfennig Mint mark E Weimar Republic Gich Regen Bringt Pfennig Mint mark A Deutsches Reich Pfennig Mint mark A Deutsches Reich Swastika Reichspfennig Mint mark F ( in worn condition) Bundesrepublik Deutsch...
Currently Buying sellyoursilver.info... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Four Quarters magically penetrate at a time through a solid brass plug. All the apparatus can be examined before and after the performance.... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
A. D. - Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
coins for the novice collector at great prices perfect christmas gifts for beginning collectors no dealers please -- Bob Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
The Taiji Coin Vanish is a new complete vanish of a large coin such as a silver dollar or half dollar. Designed to be performed standing and away from tables The Taiji Coin Vanish uses no Topits Hold-Outs or other mechanical devices or special clothing to cause a coin to vanish completely without a trace. You will not be taught how to perform this vanish but you will also learn a half-dozen pri...
Darwins Coin Bucket is the loudest ungimmicked bucket weve ever come across. It is the choice of professionals worldwide EffectThe magician shows an empty bucket. He plucks coins out of thin air and tosses them into the bucket...it creates the LOUDEST RING youve ever heard No gimmicks Built to last forever. Comes complete with an instructional DVD. Highly recommended for professional stage ente...
Odd EURO coins remaining from a recent visit. Worth around American dollars given today s exchange rate - willing to sell them for . Located in EV.... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Four Quarter Dollar coins are borrowed from the audience and held in the Magicians left hand. The coins then travel coin at a time from the left hand to the right hand.... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
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